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  1. Dear John and entire Biseda family,
    I wish I could draw upon words to comfort you right now, but I know that’s not possible.
    I am heartbroken over the loss of Max and you all have my deepest sympathy.
    My prayers and belief is that God called upon Max for a special reason.
    Faith in God consists in believing when it is beyond the power of reason to believe.
    May you all have peace, strength and comfort in knowing that God just welcomed a beautiful new Angel.
    John, please know that Ralph and I will always be there for you in any capacity and at any time.
    Your friend.
    Jack Tipton

  2. I am so heartbroken, max always looks so myschevious and clever in every picture, such a lovely child. He lives in all our hearts. Love to you amazing humans.

  3. I am so sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you during this incredibly difficult time. I have always loved seeing pictures of your beautiful Max and his easy smile. Wishing for peace for you and your family.

  4. Dear Maxwelk,
    The joy you have in all of your pictures will bring kindness and love from people. It is obvious that your mom and dad loved you dearly. My tears are falling as I write this.
    My deepest condolences to the family. Big hugs.

  5. We are thinking of you and hoping you are able to take time for yourselves over the coming days and weeks.

    Take care,

    Mike and Mary

    1. Dear John, Bobbie and the entire Biseda family.

      What a beautiful child, I pray that our Lord in his mercy will comfort you in your time of grief. My prayers go out to you and that sweet baby in heaven. Your friend Ralph Egerman

  6. Dearest Shan and Brent,

    We are so sorry for your loss. If there is anything at all we can do PLEASE let us know. We are so honored to have met Max and he and you will be in our hearts always.

    Nina and James

  7. I write out of love and in shock, and I weep for your personal loss, Shan and Brent. Your legion of friends in Houston, TX are reeling.

    Thankfully I know what an individual Maxwell has been. I never got to meet him in person, but staying with you that winter he was in utero I could already feel his presence, the magnetizing effect he has had on your lives. Drawing forth so much focused goodness. Making his parents into rockstar parents, just by reflecting back the awesome (squared). I mourn the young man I contemplated meeting some day, growing up fast (would he be a beanpole, like Brent? Would he generate reflection and sly humor like Shan?), and I laughed to see his already mischievous and extra curious eyes lit within this magical face that combined but changed that of two amazing friends. He was already SO clearly his own person. A face like that does not come but from a strong individual spirit!

    Thank you baby Maxwell for the gift of your loving kindnesses.

    Unspeakable loss. Holding you in my heart now and in future. I know there is nothing I can do. Except I promise you this: all my life I will honor and recall him, and that joy he shared and lived. All my life I will feel inspired by how quickly he quickened to life. His life is a lesson in the unimaginable potential of a loving, joyful spirit. His spirit permeates my mood, even now, in this galaxy of grief.

  8. Hi Shan and Brent,
    What a lovely boy and a wonderful family. We love you guys and are here for you.
    I remember Max’s inquisitive looks and skepticism of my intentions ;). He’s adorable and is missed. Hope to see you guys soon and celebrate his life. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you through this difficult time.
    Gil and Cecilia

  9. Shan and Brent,
    So incredibly saddened to hear about Max. Such a sweet, happy boy he was! I can’t begin to imagine the void losing him has created in your lives. I’m keeping both of you and your families in my thoughts and prayers and sending all my love your way. (Hugs)

  10. Kelvin and I are here if you guys need anything. There’s always a place in Houston for you guys. Our thoughts are with you.
    Much love- Amanda and Kelvin

  11. Shan and Brent,

    I don’t think I can say anything new than what others have already left here. I echo the remarks that although I never met him, I could tell he was full of spirit. We love you both. I’m sure Max is watching over you both.

  12. Shan and Brent,

    Thank you for giving us the privilege of getting to know and befriend such a charming, clever, and handsome young man. We will miss Max dearly. You have been role models for us as young parents, and we are grateful for all that you’ve shared with us over this time. While the universe has been beyond cruel to do this to two people as loving, generous, and compassionate as you both, we are sustained by the knowledge that if any two people have the strength of character, wisdom, and vitality to ultimately persevere in the face of such tragedy, it is you two. The entire community grieves with you.

    All of our love,

    Ian, Chelsey, and Julian Kratter

  13. Shan and Brent – Max’s smile and curiosity captured hearts, and memories of him are not complete without thinking of both of you. I can’t put into words the look of love, adoration, and pride when you watched him explore the world, and how his being created a wonderful family. He is beautiful and will be deeply missed. Thank you for sharing Max’s favorite books, foods, activities, travels, and beautiful pictures so that we can celebrate his life with you. Your and your families are in my thoughts, and please let me know if I can be of any help during this difficult time.

  14. Shan and Brent,

    Thinking of you both and sending all the love your way. It is clear that Max was loved fiercely and was a true adventurer–curious to explore the world around him. The stories and memories of him will be celebrated for eternity. We are here if you need anything, at all.

  15. Words completely fail me. But I have to write our names here and let you know that we send our love. Just to add a few drops in the bucket of your loving community. I hope that community will help you find some peace to make your way through.

    Much love,
    Amber and Nathan

  16. Shan and Brent,
    I dreamt of baby Maxwell before he was even born. Even before he entered this world, I sensed the joy that he would bring to those around him, and I longed to meet him. When I met him for the first time, I was in awe of his smile and bubbly nature – he was such a happy baby! He was such a good buddy. He had the sweetest, brightest smile, and when he looked into my eyes, I could really feel his presence, his inquisitive and playful spirit. I am so grateful for all the times I got to spend with him, and I thought of him as a nephew. I will always cherish those memories. He was so loving because he was so loved; I delighted in seeing you guys with him, to see the joy that he brought you. I cannot even imagine how you must be feeling right now. I am so sorry for your devastating loss. My heart goes out to you, I love you guys so much, and I am thinking of you night and day. I am here for you always.

  17. Shan and Brent,

    Don’t even know what to say other than this saddens me tremendously and I wish to give you my deepest condolences. Wish I could have gotten the chance to meet baby Maxwell too. My thoughts are with you.


  18. Max,
    I will never forget meeting your parents for a vacation in Portland and knowing in my heart of hearts your mom was pregnant with you. Your mom and your dad were radiating a light I have only seen come from the pure joy and wonder the advent of a baby can bring. When you were born, that light shone brighter and radiated to all of us who had the joy of meeting you. Your smile will live in my heart forever and your light will never leave your parents. I am so thankful they were able to experience your love because I know it was a love beyond their wildest hopes and dreams. We all wish you could be present with us now and for many years to come but I know you are with us in spirit and your love will follow us always as ours will follow you.

  19. Shan and Brent,

    We are so sorry for your loss. This page and photos are a lovely tribute to Maxwell who appears so sweet and joyful. Take care of each other.

  20. I cannot express my sorrow or even myself understand it. I love you. I’m crying with you. I will never forget Max, despite never having met him.

  21. Dear Shan, my thoughts and prayers are with you and Brent. Thank you for sharing this tribute to baby Maxwell’s life, and may you draw strength from those standing with you.

  22. The immense love given to Max is evident in the joy and love reflected back in his bright, happy eyes and infectious smile.  The world has lost a precious child, but heaven gained a happy little Angel to look over you until you meet again.  May you find peace and comfort in cherished memories. You are in our prayers.
    With our love,
    Great Aunt Marion and Karen

  23. My thoughts are with you in these difficult times and I can’t imagine what you are going through. Maxwell brought so much joy to everyone and I wish I had met him.

  24. Words cannot express the sorrow. I am so sorry you have to go through this. My prayers are with you.

  25. We were very grateful for the week we spent with Max, Brent and Shan in December. Max lit up the house with his smiles, his laughter, and his energy. His little feet kept dancing – he wanted to move and explore the world! Max left a hole in our home after he left, and now he leaves one in the world. But he will be a shining star as he lights up Heaven, where he will be embraced by the angels and cherished by his great grandparents.

    We love you, Max – Aunt Marlene, Uncle Steve, Jon and Matt

  26. Dear Shan and Brent,

    I am so incredibly sorry for your loss.

    We all thank you for sharing with us, and with the world, a beautiful soul in Max. I think that his loving and courageous spirit lives on, in and through you both.

    My prayers and thoughts are with you and your families.

    With love and deepest sympathy,

  27. Shan, I am so very sorry for your loss and for your family’s loss. My deepest condolences and sympathy to you and to your family.

  28. Dearest Max,
    You were brought into the world by two amazing people who are so significant to many. In the time you were here, you made such an impact to the people who love you – and will always love you. I will remember fondly our FaceTime calls where you spit up on the bed, made silly faces and smiled even when I was thousands of miles away.

    Shan & Brent,
    Not only are you both some of the most caring friends, daughter/son, brother – you are the best parents. Not were, but are. Max was so lucky to have the both of you in his life with the unconditional love you gave him. You are an inspiration to many, your strength, your courage and your love is something for all of us need to remember and live by. I love you both so much and cherish our friendship. Here for you always.

  29. Max, it was a privilege getting to know you and watching how you transformed your parents in such beautiful ways. I will always remember how you entertained all of us with your music on our camping trip (you were only a few months old!) and how you got blue icing all over your fancy birthday outfit and all over Shan’s white jeans and we all had a good laugh. You are a beautiful soul who brings out the light in everyone around you. Harry and I love you very much and we will miss you.

    Shan and Brent, my heart is aching for the both of you. I am so thankful for the time Harry and I got to spend with your beautiful family this year. Thank you for involving us in Max’s life. I love you both and I am here for you always.

  30. Dear Maxwell,

    Upon hearing the news and knowing you mostly through the love and adoration expressed by your parents and grandparents, I looked into the origin of your name. I feel it is so fitting – Maxwell meaning a Great Stream, a continuous flow. Like a great stream or river, your light and energy goes on. It carves a mark in all that it touches and leaves it a more beautiful place. It bubbles over obstacles and moves happily forward. Your wondrous force continues on in the hearts and minds of those you have touched, and in the recipients of your precious organs.

    Carol Kenyon and Tim O’Connor are among those loving you, celebrating you, and sending you streaming forward.

  31. Dear Shan and Brent,

    I’m not sure if you remember me but I am Chelsey’s mom. I wanted you to know that I am thinking of you at this difficult time. Your family made a lasting impression on me in our two meetings. The happiness and love you feel for each other is very evident. I hope you are comforted by the love of your friends and family as you go through this unimanigably challenging time.

    Wishing you peace,
    Lyn Blatter

  32. Dear Shan and Brent,

    Our thoughts are with you and with your beautiful, spirited, eager and loving baby Max. Words cannot express our sympathy and sorrow. Our hearts are aching for your tremendous loss. We stand by you during this difficult time, a small part of a community who is grieving with you and celebrating the light and joy that Max brought into this world.

  33. Dear Shan and Brent,

    I am so very sorry for your loss and the unimaginable pain you must be experiencing. My deepest condolences. Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
    With love and kindness,

  34. Dearest Shan and Brent,

    More than a few tears were shed today in clinic when we heard about the loss of your sweet little boy. My heart is broken for you. We love you and will be here for you in the months and years to come, whatever you need.

    Jessica Gannon and Nathan, Adella, and Eliza Boy

  35. Brent and Shan,
    I was heartbroken to hear this news today. I am so very sorry for your loss and can’t even begin to imagine what you must be going through. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time.

  36. I’m going to miss those bright smiling eyes and tight monkey hugs. I so looked forward to our visits… and I thoroughly enjoyed the time we shared. All of our love and strength to you and your family. I hope that you can find peace and solace in the many beautiful memories you shared with Baby Max. Please know we are here for you should you need us. ❤️

  37. Maxy,
    I miss singing this little song to you:
    Didly didly do, didly didly de, come on Max and play with me.
    Didly didly de, didly didly do, come on Max, I’ll play with you.
    Love forever,
    Pop Pop

  38. What an unimaginable loss. The devastation felt this week was almost too much to bear. Little Maxwell had a huge impact on the hearts of many. He giggled and smiled and lit up the faced and hearts of many. He was a gift.
    May your friends surround you, carrying small pieces of your grief, so that you are free to celebrate his life. His purpose here in your lives, unquestionable, when each of you, mom, dad, Nana and Pop Pop radiate Max’ s love. The sadness, unfathomable.
    Please continue to share, show and lift up the life of Max to us, your friends.
    I am so saddened.

  39. Little Max

    There is not anything any one can say or do to ease your pain.
    Your little Max was so unique that no other such baby came before him and none will ever follow.​
    The loss that you feel will never go away.
    Your life will go on as will life for Max’s Mom and Dad.
    It will not be easy nor will it ever be complete.
    A little boy entered your life and he will always be a part of you.
    As you move through each day from now on Max will be with you. Days will never be easy but Each day will be blessed.
    Hold him in your heart. Hold him in your dreams. He will always know of your love.

  40. Dear Bobbie and entire Biseda Family,

    Few words can convey the depth of sadness in my heart for each one of you. It is clear from the pictures and stories on these pages that Max was a bright beacon of light in the world. May you find strength in each other and from all of us who love and care about you.

    With Peace,

    Melissa Nelson

  41. Max is a life upswept, forever your child, forever himself. All love, all joy, hungry, handsome, scrappy boy. And he will continue to grow inside you. And he will continue to grow in all that knew him, held him, peered into his eyes. It was all love. It still is, his and yours and ours.

    He never said a bad word about anyone. That’s a fact to cherish. There are miracles he has yet to perform. He is your strength, even now. There is no end, neither to his blessings nor to yours.

    We love you all.

  42. Dear Max,

    I’m heartbroken. I wish there was something I could say or do to heal the pain, but right now I just want to say: I feel so lucky to have known you. Spending weekends together with your parents, exploring Baltimore and Pittsburgh, hanging out at your house–in the short time that I spent with you, I saw how you filled homes with light and laughter and the hearts of those around you with love. I saw how proud your parents were of you, and I feel how deeply you will be missed. I will always remember our small moments together, eating Nilla wafers and potato chips (you were so curious about everything I ate), watching Andrew attempt to play hide and seek with you, listening to you shake your shaker in your own special way. How you would smile and stick out your tongue with a twinkle in your eye. And your amazing parents, who doted on you and raised you with such care and tenderness. I am heartbroken, but at the same time inspired by the joy that you brought to so many people.

    Thank you, baby Maxwell, for being in our lives.

  43. Shan and Brent,
    We are so sorry for your loss and can’t imagine the pain you are experiencing. We are lucky to have gotten to know and spend time with baby Maxwell, he was a joy to be around and always brought a smile to our faces. I always enjoy watching a child taste his very first birthday cake and Maxwell did not disappoint, I will never forget his blue colored face and that big smile. One of my other favorite memories was when we got to be back seat pals on the way to the Laurel Highlands and he spent most of the car ride, just staring and smiling at me. That was such a special trip and glad we got to share it with all 3 of you. We are here for you with whatever you need, don’t be afraid to ask. You are in our thoughts and prayers and hope you can find some peace during this difficult time.

    We love you both,
    Abby and Steve

  44. Oh Shan and Brent! The most wonderful people to have a terrible thing happen is so unfair. You guys were the best parents. Max was the cutest. I can’t believe it. My last memory of him is at Highland Park, sitting on his blanket on the ground. Wanting so much to stand. So precious. I’m so sorry. My heart aches. You are in my thoughts and I am sending hugs and love.

  45. Dear Max,

    Even though I never met you, I feel like I knew you because I’ve known your mommy forever. Your mommy is sweet, fun-loving, and generous — qualities which I know she passed on to you. You brought your mommy so much joy: whenever she sent me pictures of you, I could feel her beaming from ear to ear with pride. My favorite picture she sent was of you two snuggling, your right hand cradling your mommy’s chin, her smiling and you sticking out your tongue. Thank you for all the happiness you brought to everyone. You will always be in our hearts and thoughts. Sending lots of love to your parents, your grandparents, and the rest of your family.


  46. Dear Shan and Brent,

    Maxwell had such a profound effect on Kelly and me. Being the child of one of our close friends/peers immediately boosted a sense of kinship and attachment we had towards him. Through our brief interactions Max, he shared with us his immense joy, curiosity, and intelligence. Beyond that, we deeply admired your budding family. It was inspiring to witness the happiness and fulfillment that Max brought to both of you, and how he brought out the best in you.
    We are so shocked and heartbroken by your loss. But the inspiration we received from him will last us forever.

  47. Dear Bobbie and John,
    You will never get over the loss of your dear grandbaby, Max. He found and ignited parts of your heart that you possibly never knew existed. Those parts of love will forever hold a burning desire to hold again, to respond to his giggle, to listen intently to catch his next word. That empty longing will reside forever. That is because of the profound power that little guy had to unlock love.
    I do know this as well. You will rise up. One day you will take a breath and it won’t make you weep. One night you will rest your head on your pillow and you will hear his giggle and you will smile. One day you will be sitting in the quiet and you will smell his hair and feel blessed that he entered your world.

    You will rise up. You will discover strength and support and reliance on each other with Brent and Shannon and Jeff. And in those moments when you realize Max’s spirit is part of you you will take a step forward. You will live your life a bit differently, changed by the time you treasured with this beautiful child. It will come.
    But for now, my friends, let the grief come. The loss you have experienced is wicked. The grief steals part of you for the time being. Max’s passing is tragic. Hold onto each other. Let God love you. Just be held.
    I believe that the grief that comes with the loss of a loved one never diminishes. But the more that you share with others his life, his laughter, and his spirit, you share also that grief for your friends to hold with you. Your burden is lightened. Sharing that grief liberates your soul to celebrate his life with smiles and laughter.
    Please let me know what I might do. Deep love and mournful sadness.

  48. Dear Biseda Family,
    So shocked,so heartbroken,so devastated. Words can’t express our heartfelt sorrow. May you find comfort in knowing that your precious baby, Maxwell is resting in God’s arms and will be forever at peace. Love and blessings to all of you.

  49. Shan, Brent, Bobbie and John,
    I can’t begin to imagine your grief. Children are the light of the world and it’s evident by all accounts that little Max radiated a light from within. As you bear the weight of his too early departure from this life, allow the memories and light from this precious little boy to lift your hearts, bouy your spirits and give you comfort. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.
    My deepest sympathies

  50. Dear Brent and Shan, and Nana and Pop Pop, and all those near and dear,

    I am so touched and pained by your loss. I wish there were some way to undo it. May Max’s memory be a blessing and the time you shared forever serve to celebrate his sweet life.

  51. I only met Maxwell once and I could tell he was an awesome little guy. I’ll always remember him as a happy, smiley baby who loved the world.


  52. Shan, Brent, and your loving family,

    I wish I had words worthy. You brought such an amazing person into this world who quite obviously will remain in the hearts of everyone he touched forever. It’s not enough, but we send you and your family our heartfelt thoughts, prayers, and love.

    Please know that we here for you for whatever you might need — now and in the future.

    Sansea, Auden and Wilder

  53. 亲爱的高元(Maxx),

    可爱的宝贝,你是一个小天使,带着微笑来到了人间。今年8月份听说你要回芝加哥婆婆家,我真想再抱抱你,给你一个大大的吻…… 你用你会说话的眼睛、你可爱的微笑、温暖、甜到了我的心里。你给人们带来了欢声笑语,也给人们留下了永远的思恋和疼爱……

    你天使般的微笑带着大爱,留在了人间…… 你,急促的脚步,留下了不平凡的烙印,短暂却璀璨。贪玩的你,不声不响的张开了翅膀飞上了星空,星晨中的你,是一颗最亮的星星,闪烁着快乐、幸福的光芒,照耀着大地…… 在星际的那一边,与你遥遥相望的我,将会永远的爱你、想念你……

    Shan and Brent, 你们是伟大的父母,为你们荣耀。物质不变定律,相信可爱的高元永远不会远离你们而去,他只是去星空做长途旅行,暂时的离别…… 我们大家都很爱他,他的音容笑貌,将永远铭记在我们大家的心中。斯人已去,此情长存。所有的话语此时都苍白无力,保重好你们自己的身体,健康、工作顺利,这是高元最想看到的也是他最想说的心愿。我坚信,你们勇敢坚强,一定会振作起来,像高元一样,用微笑迎接每一个即将到来的明天!



  54. I was thinking about Max today driving in to work today. I was remembering about that last time that we were hanging out in Shan and Brent’s backyard, and he was eating watermelon– he had soaked his shirt all the way through!– and playing with the sidewalk stones, and very amused by the sound of the aluminum pop tab bouncing against the can. He had a smile and laugh that lit up the room. He brightened my day whenever I saw him.
    Shan and Brent, you are in my thoughts and my heart.

  55. 嗨,高元

  56. 嗨,高元 你在哪里?
    你说 你在早晨清新的空气随蝴蝶起舞。

  57. 小高元你在哪里?



  58. I never met Max but I believe that I knew him. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the note from his grandpa. My heart was broken. I believe that he is the angle that God sent to us, to the world. He did not go but lives in our mind forever. Shan and Brent, I know how difficult for both of you. I am deeply impressed by what you did. Max is in the heaven and he is the closest person to GOD. Love you all. Yaqun

  59. July 28,2018

    Our precious Max celebrated living every day. He showed us how much joy there is in life. Max was my special playmate. How he loved to play “This is how the gentleman rides,” swing in Nana’s or my arms, and “Peek-a-boo.”

    We loved to come over and be greeted by his outstretched arms, and then have a “team” hug. How he would shriek with joy when Nana chased him around the house! And baby Max’s laughing was contagious!

    We looked forward so much to our play dates. We were blessed we were with Maxwell usually two days a week, and of course Brent and Shan. A treat! It was so wonderful to see Max reach with outstretched arms when Mommy or Daddy returned.

    Maxy, my little angel, bunny, my tater tot, lovey dovey, you will be with us forever.

    God must have an important job for you in Heaven, because he wanted you so soon.

    Pop Pop

  60. Maxwell,
    I miss you so much. Everywhere I look I see things that remind me of you or of the dreams I wanted to share with you. I see you playing with all the window handles in the family room. I watch your face like up as we would go for a walk in the neighborhood. I remember how you would sit up forward in the stroller so you would not miss anything. I see you on the swing in the little park and your joyous shrieks of laughter. You would love to look up at every light fixture and especially watch the ceiling fan. You would reach out to touch Wiki or Cheese, the cats, and then take out after them when they would come around to investigate. I remember you enjoying whatever food we were having and how you knew right away with an outstretched hand if I asked you if you wanted a cookie. I see you enjoying the little ice cream cone as you played at the water table. I loved giving you your bath and getting you ready for bed. How you would wrap your little arms around me with the best hugs.
    Every sprinkler and swimming pool is a dream lost.
    I see you in every smile, in every star, in every good and wonderful thing in this world. You taught me the greatest joys. You made me look at the world differently and always for the better. I learned so much from the way you lived. Every day, every moment was one to explore and find the greatest fun and joy. I will miss my greatest teacher. My dearest pal. My little angel.
    I love you forever.
    You will be with my always.
    Love forever,

  61. Dear Shan and Brent,
    My most sincere condolences for your painful loss! My thoughts and prayers are with you and the family.
    Peace and love!

  62. 高元,
    高元,你用短暂的生命给公公婆婆带来无限的快乐。你口中含糊不清地念着中文的一 二 三 ; 歌声“小呀小二郎呀,背着书包上学堂” 一响起,你的小屁股马上扭起来; 当 “虫虫飞飞,虫虫飞飞”传入你耳朵里,肥肥的两个食指碰在一起,然后分开。

  63. My Speech in memorial ceremony for Maxwell on 7/28/2108

    Good morning everybody!
    We come here today to memorize Maxwell’s life, it’s too short…
    We come here to celebrate his happy life.
    Max’s full name is Maxwell Gao Biseda. He has a Chinese name 高元(Gao Yuan)。元 has multiple meanings in Chinese:
    1. 元旦(Yuan Dan)means the New Year, the first day of a year.
    2. 状元(zhuang yuan) means the champion of college entrance examination in China.
    3. 元 represents our expectation to Maxwell , the first child in the forth generation in my family.

    高元(Gao Yuan)is deeply loved by his great parents (高珊 Gao Shan and 布兰特 Brent Biseda) and grandparents.
    He is a such lovely boy, always smile, will to listen and follow us. I remembered when I sing the songs from our childhood, he is very enjoyed and sometimes dance withe music. I remembered when we tried to teach him say the number “1,23” in Chinese “一,二,三”(yi,er,san),he tried to followed as “yi, ou, …”, not “san” yet, but the tone of “ou” got right.
    …We will never forget all the happiness moments 高元 with us.
    高元, 我们永远爱你!

  64. I returned from Family Week after lunch last Friday so that I could attend the Memorial Service Saturday morning. I didn’t go at the right time but spent time at Mellon Park.
    Hopefully, the gift of time and memories of his life will bring you comfort. How happy I am to see the pictures and smiles. I hope to get together with you and John soon. I will be in touch soon.

    So glad I was finally able to access the web site today.

  65. Max,
    I loved looking at all the photos. Brent and Shan know that they made your life joyous. You made my life joyous too. I love always. You are always in my heart.
    Forever and ever,

  66. 今天8月17日,高元离开我们四个星期了。
    在这段时间里, 我们试着逐渐适应在没有高元的时间和空间生活。上上个星期,8/6 – 8/11, 高珊和布兰特来芝加哥。这是计划之中的安排,为我祝贺65岁生日。高元也在是计划中,可惜他缺席了。我们一起到(8/8)Milwaukee参观了 Miller 啤酒公司的博物馆,了解公司的历史和现在的经营情况。(8/9)我们一起逛芝加哥中国城,并在利荣华餐馆吃了海鲜午餐,算是生日午餐了。高珊布兰特还和从前高中的朋友和同学相处了两天。我开始为高元作画,高珊要求画4辐,以高元喜欢的玩具命题(长颈鹿,北极熊,蝴蝶和大象),长颈鹿已经完成。希望以此为契机,开始我的日常绘画。8/13, 高珊和布兰特正常上班了。
    没有高元的日子,我们需要经常在一起, 需要朋友和同学,开始回归日常工作和生活。

  67. Maxwell,
    It’s been almost a month and I still think and talk about you and realize that even though you were only with us for a short time, you made an impact. I’ll forever cherish the time I got to spend with you in San Diego.


  68. Maxy,
    I think about you everyday. You would probably be walking now and we could enjoy the park or yard in a different way. You made our world very special. I am so glad you changed my life and the lives of others.
    I love you forever.

  69. 今天9月5日,小天使高元离我们七个星期整。在这七七四十九天的日日夜夜里,高元一直在我们的心里跳动,在我们视线里微笑,常常在我们眼泪中滚动,在许许多多朋友的关爱中,在我们每天的谈话中。一些新发掘的照片不断地出现在网页上,当我看到高元身穿橘红色衣裳,挂着佛珠的照片的那一刻,心中的感悟告诉我“高元成佛了”。

  70. 小高元离开我们两个月了。

  71. 高元时常出现在我的梦中。

  72. I’m just missing Max extra today. It was nice to be on this website and remember. Thinking of you all and wishing I could offer you something more.

  73. 最近出差到中国,在北京,重庆和哈尔滨停留。

    I recently traveled to China and stayed in Beijing, Chongqing and Harbin.
    One night, I dreamt of Gao Yuan and heard his laughter.
    It turns out that no matter where I go, Gao Yuan is with me. Laughter told me that Gao Yuan has been very happy.

  74. 2018的最后一天,我们向高元,心中的小天使说再见。虽然,你的生命定格在2018,但我们对你的思念将伴随我们至永远。

    On the last day of 2018, we said goodbye to Gao Yuan, the little angel in my heart. Although your life is fixed at 2018, our thoughts on you will accompany us forever.
    2019, Gao Yuan is happy with us.

  75. Dear Max,
    You touched so many people in your too short life. I will remember you and treasure our time together forever.
    Love you.

  76. Max. I think of you every day. I miss you. I can see in my mind’s eye you growing into an almost two year old, talking and laughing, toddling around. I wish I could bring you a special present today to celebrate being a big brother. I wish your parents could share showing you your new baby sister and help you count her toes. I’ve been looking at your pictures all week. It’s nice to see your face.

  77. 高元,妈妈4月2号顺利生下你的妹妹,名字叫高月月。

    Gao Yuan, your mother successfully gave birth to your sister on April 2, the name is Gao Yueyue.
    Your grandmother and I came to Pittsburgh last Saturday to meet your mother, father and Gao Yueyue.
    Your sister looks very good, and look like as same in my dreams. Your Mom loves yueyue very much and is in her arms all the time.
    Our love for you is the same as before, and there is no reduction. Yesterday your grandmother bought flowers and placed them next to your photo. She said that she would buy flowers every week to accompany you, so that your smile will always be brilliant.
    When the yueyue grows older, we will tell her the story of Gao Yuan.
    We all love you forever.

  78. 一转眼,高元生日就要到了,4月28日。可怜你只过了一个生日,当你一岁的时候。今年,4月28日,我们只能默默向在天堂的你说“生日快乐”。这次和去年不一样,你的妹妹也会祝你生日快乐,虽然她还不到一个月,不过她以后一定会的。
    你妹妹长得很漂亮。平常她稍有不适或不舒服,像尿片湿了,肚子饿了, 就会 “哎,哎”地哼哼,不高兴了就大声哭出来。她睡觉的表现比你好了很多。

    In a blink of an eye, Gao Yuan’s birthday is coming, April 28. Poor you only have a birthday, when you are one year old. This year, on April 28th, we can only silently say “Happy Birthday” to you in heaven. This time is different from last year, your sister will wish you a happy birthday, although she is still less than a month, but she will definitely be in the future.
    Now, your grandmother lives in your home and takes care of your mother and your sister every day.
    Your sister is very beautiful. Usually she is slightly uncomfortable or uncomfortable. If the diaper is wet and hungry, she will be “squatting, squatting” and crying out when she is unhappy. Her sleep performance is much better than you.
    When my sister grows up, we will tell her the story of Gao Yuan.
    The flowers at home will always be open to you, and we, including your sister, will always miss you.

  79. 高元,公公来看你了。

    Gao Yuan, I came to see you.
    Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I will fly to Pittsburgh early in the morning to meet your parents, sister and grandmother.
    From October 12th to 18th, we went to Phoenix to participate in an event to commemorate you and other unfortunate children. Then went to Red Rock.
    Your sister, Luna has been more than 7 months. The longer and more beautiful she is, I often sing “more and more beautiful” songs for her. Every time I sing, Luna is very excited, twisting her body with the beat and waving her little hand. Luna laughed very much like you. When she grows up, I will tell her stories, including Gao Yuan’s story.
    I often misses Gao Yuan and sings in my heart the song Gao Yuan I composed for you.

  80. Dear Max,
    Happy birthday! This morning I was remembering sitting on the floor with you and eating cheese puffs together. You were so good at sharing. Laughing with you was just the best. I wish that we could be celebrating this special day together. I miss you very much.

  81. Another year that Max continues to have an impact on the world that carries him on in its thoughts, it’s memories, it’s outward ripples from his short time here.

    He’s certainly had a large impact on my thoughts despite never getting to meet him.

    1. Nathan,
      I feel as you do, that Max’s impact continues on. I am so moved that his life is felt in others that did not meet him. He changed my life.

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