About Maxwell

Max loved many things. He was always smiling and up to any activity we thought up for him that day. He was a big sharer too, always sharing his food and toys with everyone around. Very easygoing and kind.

Food – CHEESE of any kind, bread, egg custard, noosa vanilla flavored yogurt, steak, and croutons from a caesar salad. Eating ALL of the food

Books – Chicka Chicka Boom Boom; Little Blue Truck; The Little Engine that Could

Toys – shakers, drums, xylophone, big bear, laptop keyboards, water table, microphone bear, toy trucks. Wheels on anything, but especially his stroller

Activities – zoos (San Diego, Pittsburgh, DC), aquariums (Baltimore, Pittsburgh), Frick on Fridays, parks of any kind, swings, reading days at the library, meeting up with friends

He loved listening to music while taking a bath, then playing peek-a-boo, followed by books (see above for favs), saying goodbye to all the things in his room, and then to bed

Words that he was saying daily- dada, aboo, baba, didi, yi, er, daddy

He loved kisses from mommy and daddy. He loved hugs, and looking in the mirror with mommy while being held.

He loved playing big bear with daddy.

He loved facetiming with popo and gonggong, and playing “chong chong chong chong fei”

He loved spending time with his nanna and pop pop, who he saw at least once or twice a week.