Brent’s Eulogy for Maxwell’s Celebration of Life

Thank you for coming here today.  It is evident that in Maxwell’s short life that he had a profound impact on those around him.

Maxwell was the happiest and most easy-going baby.  He was generous with everyone around him.  He would offer his cheesesticks to anyone nearby that wasn’t fortunate enough to have their own.  He taught me more about life, joy, and how to be a good person.

Before Max was first born I was terrified of parenthood.  But the first time I held him, I immediately felt complete love and knew our life together would be great.  Each day was a new adventure, and I loved exploring the world with new found curiosity.  The simplest things became newly interesting when seen through his eyes.  I loved carrying you on my back, explore the world together, through your eyes.

I even imagined our future together, and going on adventures together.  I was curious to see where his interests would lead.  Would he want to play tennis with his father?  Would he join boyscouts and want to go on bike rides together?  Would he be playing Mage night with me? I even imagined the far off future where we would plan to go backpacking on the Appalachian Trail when he turned 18.

I will remember his joyous energy forever.  He will forever live in our hearts and minds.

I love you forever.  You will always be my best friend for life.

Our ways go wide and I know not whither,
But my song will search through the worlds for you,
Till the Seven Seas waste and the Seven Stars wither,
And the dream of the heart comes true.

I will find you there where our low life heightens,
Where the door of the Wonder again unbars,
Where the old love lures and the old fire whitens,
In the Stars behind the stars.


One thought on “Brent’s Eulogy for Maxwell’s Celebration of Life”

  1. It took me a long time to be able to find the words to say. It hit me so hard when you left, and I felt broken for a long time. I felt responsible, and I found myself reliving that day over and over, changing the events in my mind so that you could stay, begging the clock to turn back and give me another chance, more time. I miss you so much so often. I find myself daydreaming about your unique sweetness, your kind nature, your crazy chill nature, your amazing personality, and the special bond you shared with Remy. I think about how tall you would be now, what you might look like with more hair, what you would be saying for your first big boy words, what songs and stories would be your (constantly changing) new favorites. I miss your laugh, your crazy strong koala hugs, your juicy smooches…YOU…I miss YOU. Every day. And I know there are special people that miss you more than I could ever know, and I miss them too, and I hope you’re watching over them and bringing them comfort in their dreams. Thank you for letting me spend that time with you, for teaching Remy how to share, for loving us, for letting us love you. Even though your time on earth was entirely too brief, I thank your creators, the incredible people who made you, you, for every single moment we were lucky enough to spend with you. I’m putting this out there in the multiverse and I hope you can hear me…I hope you can feel the love we’re sending to you every day, while flying free and wild with the butterflies🦋❤

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