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We love you so much.  You are a part of us forever.  Your joy and love of life is inspiring.  You gave so much love and made us so happy.  We looked forward to playing with you and hearing your laughter.  Max, thank you for all that is wonderful and good in life.  You are our little angel.

Pop Pop

Maxwell gave love, he gave joy, and now he will give life.

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  1. Max,
    I miss you. Your happy smile, your warm hugs, your sweet love. Your spirit will always be there. I looks at your picture every day and remember the greatest joy I have ever known.

    Love forever and ever,

  2. 9/3/2018

    Dear Maxwell,
    Today Nana and I walked to the Galleria. We missed so much strolling with you. We would stop and swing you in Iroquois Park, and enjoy your glee and smiles. We missed strolling to the Galleria and showing the fountains to you. We would see if you noticed other babies. We would stop in the toy store and Nana and I would plan future book and toy purchases. There was a magnetic building set I planned to get for you. Nana always had special snacks for you to enjoy. Sometimes you would fall asleep, sometimes you were wide awake. You gave us so much joy. You are always our treasure. You are always in our heart and prayers.
    Pop Pop

  3. Maxwell,
    Today is Grandparents Day. You are our special grandson. We love you dearly. You are in our thoughts and prayers.
    Pop Pop

  4. Maxy,
    Wednesdays and Sundays are not the same without you. I miss holding and swinging you around, and singing to you. Your smiles and laughter made me feel so happy. It was fun to see you imitate me make my various “vroom-vroom” sounds for your little toy trucks. I miss getting down on the floor and playing with you. I miss holding you and showing you the ceiling light fixtures and fans. You were a budding illumination engineer. You would swing your head around so quickly when something caught your attention. I loved how you would take me or Nana for a walk holding a hand while holding and pushing your truck walker. We were going hand in hand, together. You wanted me to be with you. You will always be with me. Love.
    Pop Pop

  5. Oh Maxwell,
    Three months ago you left us. There is a large hole in my heart. I pray every day for you, and for us. I pray you are in heaven, and are experiencing eternal joy and love. I pray you are with your great grandparents Biseda and Karr. You are a part of me, and a part of Nana, too. I see you in the babes and toddlers we see in our regular walks. It does me no good wishing what might have been. Our grief is a part of us. You are missed, and we love you so much. You alone made us grandparents, and we are so grateful. We love you, Max.

  6. Max,
    So many things we were looking forward to do with you. I wonder what Halloween costume your mommy and daddy would have for you. I was looking forward to you walking and running around. I miss being on the floor and playing trucks with you. Our lives will not be the same. You are always our precious treasure. We love you forever. Hugs and kisses.

  7. Max,
    I bet you would have liked turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, gravy, and all the additional fixings for Thanksgiving! We love and miss you so much.

  8. Maxwell,
    Yesterday we attended a Funeral Mass for our neighbor. We were crying for you, and praying for you, too. We love you.

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