From Nana


Your joy and love of life made everyone you touched a better person. You have taught your Nana and Pop Pop how to find the happiness in everything. We are blessed by knowing and loving you. We will honor your spirit in our lives and spread your joy so that it takes root and grows beyond our lives.



8 thoughts on “From Nana”

  1. I saw the joy in your Nana’s eyes every time I asked about you, Max. She was so very proud each time she showed a picture her of you smiling or giggling.
    Sending love in this time of pain.

  2. Max,
    Today is Grandparents Day and I am sending you all my love. You made me a Nana and being your Nana made me the happiest ever. I miss you and want to hold you and kiss, kiss, kiss you. You will be in my heart and soul forever.
    I love you Maxwell. Forever.

  3. Little Max,
    It has been 2 months today that I can no longer hold your hand and kiss your head. I know your spirit lives on in my heart and in all who love you. I visit this site and see you again in all your photos. I watch the videos so I can hear you giggles. I love you always. Pop pop and I miss you so so much.

    Love forever,

  4. Today Max, Pop pop and I walked through the town part of Mt. Lebanon. The Fire dept was having an open house with tours and food. They had a screen type house with false fire in the windows and they had children lined up fighting the fire. The children got a special fireman’s helmet and a chance to hold the big hose to fight the fire. The firemen helped. I saw a little boy just about as old as you would be today. He was so excited fighting the fire. I knew you would have loved doing it. I miss you. It was great to see the children so happy and having fun. I just wish you could be one of them. I love you so so much. You will be with me always.
    Thank you for being the best little grand baby anyone could ever have.
    Love you foreve,

  5. Hi Bobbie, In the quiet of this early morning, i thought of you and your invitation to look at Maxs’ pictures. He is just so beautiful. So many wonderful photos of your family, and oh how your son looks exactly like your husband. Thank you for being such a nice friend during our time at St. Barbaras. With love, Mary Ann & Nancy

    1. Thank you, Mary Ann. Your kind words mean so much. I hope you and your Mom are doing well.
      I miss our Monday meetings and hope and pray for both you and your Mom. You both helped John and I so much.

  6. Maxy,
    I miss you. We could have picked a pumpkin at the pumpkin patch together. I know you would have loved it. You always found fun and joy in everything. You are always in my heart.
    Love forever,

  7. Maxwell,
    I think about you all the time. You are so so missed. I want to hold your hand and kiss your sweet head. I love you always.

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