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Your joy and love of life made everyone you touched a better person. You have taught your Nana and Pop Pop how to find the happiness in everything. We are blessed by knowing and loving you. We will honor your spirit in our lives and spread your joy so that it takes root and grows beyond our lives.



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  1. I saw the joy in your Nana’s eyes every time I asked about you, Max. She was so very proud each time she showed a picture her of you smiling or giggling.
    Sending love in this time of pain.

  2. Max,
    Today is Grandparents Day and I am sending you all my love. You made me a Nana and being your Nana made me the happiest ever. I miss you and want to hold you and kiss, kiss, kiss you. You will be in my heart and soul forever.
    I love you Maxwell. Forever.

  3. Little Max,
    It has been 2 months today that I can no longer hold your hand and kiss your head. I know your spirit lives on in my heart and in all who love you. I visit this site and see you again in all your photos. I watch the videos so I can hear you giggles. I love you always. Pop pop and I miss you so so much.

    Love forever,

  4. Today Max, Pop pop and I walked through the town part of Mt. Lebanon. The Fire dept was having an open house with tours and food. They had a screen type house with false fire in the windows and they had children lined up fighting the fire. The children got a special fireman’s helmet and a chance to hold the big hose to fight the fire. The firemen helped. I saw a little boy just about as old as you would be today. He was so excited fighting the fire. I knew you would have loved doing it. I miss you. It was great to see the children so happy and having fun. I just wish you could be one of them. I love you so so much. You will be with me always.
    Thank you for being the best little grand baby anyone could ever have.
    Love you foreve,

  5. Hi Bobbie, In the quiet of this early morning, i thought of you and your invitation to look at Maxs’ pictures. He is just so beautiful. So many wonderful photos of your family, and oh how your son looks exactly like your husband. Thank you for being such a nice friend during our time at St. Barbaras. With love, Mary Ann & Nancy

    1. Thank you, Mary Ann. Your kind words mean so much. I hope you and your Mom are doing well.
      I miss our Monday meetings and hope and pray for both you and your Mom. You both helped John and I so much.

  6. Maxy,
    I miss you. We could have picked a pumpkin at the pumpkin patch together. I know you would have loved it. You always found fun and joy in everything. You are always in my heart.
    Love forever,

  7. Maxwell,
    I think about you all the time. You are so so missed. I want to hold your hand and kiss your sweet head. I love you always.

  8. Maxy,
    Every day with you was a gift. You left us too soon. We need your love and joy. You blessed us with such happiness.
    I miss you. I want to see you smiling and laughing in the stars behind the stars as you Daddy said.
    Max, love you forever.

  9. Maxy,
    I missed sharing Christmas with you. You are my little star for the top of my tree. Losing you has left a great hole in my heart. I think of you always and carry you with me in my thoughts and dreams. Love goes on forever Max.
    I love you always.

  10. My dearest angel Max,
    I think about you always and today was especially hard. You are so loved. As sad as I am at losing you, I live in gratitude for the fullness you brought to my life. There is a part of my heart that is always yours.

  11. Maxwell,
    I am sending love to my favorite valentine. Miss you and think about you always. I try to be strong but it is so hard. You are so missed. I love you Maxy.
    I pray every day for you and your mommy and daddy.
    Till I see you again little valentine.
    Love forever.

  12. Maxwell, I am always thinking about you. I saw your little elephant blanket today and I was overwhelmed. I love you and I miss you. You are always in my heart.
    You are part of me forever.

  13. Max,
    You are always on my mind. I miss you so much. I had so much fun with you on the Sunday before. You are with me always.
    In my heart forever.

  14. Maxwell,
    You have a new little sister. Luna looks like you did when you were born. You could tell that you are brother and sister. I know you watch over her as big brother. She would learn so much from you.
    You would be two years old. I think about you on this upcoming birthday. Walking around and laughing with such joy. Opening presents and hugging and kissing us all.
    You would kissing and hugging Luna. Showing how much you love her.
    We know how blessed we are with Luna coming into our lives. She is our little love.
    I miss you so much Max. I think of you every day and hope you are in the arms of your great grandparents showing you the love I feel so deeply. I pray daily asking your great grandparents to be there for you. I love you forever and your loss will be with me always. The hole left in my heart will always be there. The sadness will lessen with time. But you are my special little boy.
    Love forever and ever and ever and always, Max.

  15. Happy Birthday Max, my love. You would be two today. Last year we had such a wonderful time on your first birthday. Everything was so much fun. You enjoyed your cake and all the friends.
    I looked forward to this birthday. You would be running around and playing and opening your presents. Your little sister would give you a gift too I am sure. We would celebrate with kisses and hugs. I will celebrate today with you in my heart. You are loved forever. Happy Birthday Max.

  16. Maxwell, I love you and miss you. Little Luna, your baby sister is beautiful.
    She will bring such joy as you did. You are in our hearts forever.
    Love always, Nana

  17. Maxwell,
    You are always on my mind but today I am missing you so much. You are so loved Max. You live always in the hearts, minds, spirits and beyond of all who love you.
    I love you forever little one.

  18. Maxy,
    Today is such a hard day. A year ago you left us and we lost your beautiful laugh and smile. You are so missed, Max. I am so grateful that we were blessed with you. I went to mass today to honor you. I didn’t know that the mass today at the church I chose was a healing and anointing mass. I feel as if you helped me to go there to help with my sorrow. I carry you with me always. I love you always. You will forever be my first grandchild. You will forever be my rose.

    “A life with love will have some thorns, but a life without love will have no roses.”

  19. Maxy,
    I miss you everyday. So many little ones remind me of you but no one will ever be you. I will do all I can to celebrate you. I love you always and forever.

  20. Maxy,
    I think about you and pray for you every day. I have given things away in your name and am trying to honor you forever. There is a saying that if you speak your name, you live. I will try to keep your name alive. Forever.
    I wish I could have celebrated a holiday with you. I love you always.

  21. Merry Christmas, Maxwell. I carry you in my heart and soul everyday. You are always there with every memory I have. I celebrate you,love.
    Forever, Nana

  22. Today is your third birthday, little Max. I wish I could celebrate by holding you in my arms. The pain of your loss has not lessened. If you were here you would celebrate with Luna. You would play and eat birthday cake. We would enjoy just watching you. These are all physical desires but I believe your spirit is here also. You watch over your parents and your baby sister. I pray to you, Max, to help me accept the way things are. Your are my saint. My love for you is always.

    Love … bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never ends.
    Corinthians 13:7-8

  23. Max,
    Today was the day we lost your beautiful smile and sweet gentle soul. I miss you so much. I held your little scientist pajamas and your little bear hat. I see you in my mind reaching up to us when we came to watch you, or holding your hand as we walked together. I never want to let your little face fade from me.
    I hope whoever received your organs were changed for the better. I hope they live on because of you, Max. I love you now and forever.
    Till I have you near again.

  24. Maxy,
    I think about you always. You are always in my heart and mind. I miss you so so much it hurts. I love you Max. Your memory is a precious treasure.

  25. I love you Max and send you hugs and kisses. I think of you always and miss you so much. Much love to you always and especially on this 4th birthday.
    Love forever,

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